Saturday, August 28, 2010

How To Get Free Motorbike Insurance

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By Christopher Reinhold

After the initial cost of the motorbike itself, motorbike insurance is often the second greatest cost incurred. However, unbeknownst to some, there are a variety of different ways and methods to receive completely free motorbike insurance.

Premium Current Accounts. A great deal of large national banks offer several different types of Current Accounts. Most people simply open and use a basic Current Account, which carries no monthly fee and is generally completely free to use. However, a lot of banks also offer a range of premium Current Accounts which although charge a monthly fee, come with a whole host of bonuses. Cheaper rates for loans and credit cards are some of the most widely received bonuses with premium Current Accounts, whilst many offer more substantial bonuses, including motor insurance. As long as the monthly fee for the premium Current Account is being paid, the free motorbike insurance will usually be continued as a normal motorbike insurance policy would.

Credit Cards. Similar to premium Current Accounts, a lot of credit cards offer bonuses for either opening a new credit card or using the credit card regularly. Although not as common as with premium Current Accounts, motorbike insurance is available with a certain amount of credit cards, however it is generally only for one year, rather than a year on year policy.

Bonus Accelerator. Increasingly popular, Bonus Accelerator schemes are offered by insurance companies to provide the policy holder with 12 months worth of insurance and therefore a full years No Claims Bonus, in a shorter period of time, which is generally 10 months. Insurance companies very rarely charge extra for the Bonus Accelerator scheme option and can equate to one years free insurance for every 6 years worth of Bonus Accelerator schemes completed.

Purchase a new motorbike. Especially with the current economic climate, many new motorbikes are being offered with incentives for purchases. From free leathers and a helmet, some sales centres are providing a years free motorbike insurance. Fantastic for any rider, these offers are particularly suited to young riders when motorbike insurance can be extremely expensive.

Enter competitions. It may seem like somewhat of a dubious option, but free insurance is a regular prize in many competitions. Along with holidays and vehicles, insurances of all kinds, including motorbike insurance, are becoming increasingly popular prizes in many different competitions. Furthermore, for the price of an envelope and a stamp, motorbike insurance for a year could be won. In addition to these paper or magazine competitions, there are a great deal of websites that provide daily competitions and therefore submitting entries to these can be completely free.

Free motorbike insurance can be a lifeline for many. However, potential insurees have to note that a lot free motorbike insurance policies often have set criteria and they will not provide the free insurance if the criteria is not met. For example, most free motorbike insurance policies will not accept riders with 11 penalty points on their license or if the motorbike is to be used in Europe regularly.

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