Sunday, August 29, 2010

What is the Difference in Motorcycle Tires?

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By Nick Dinic

Your motorcycle tires are very important as you have to have them perfect at all times. When you are looking for the tires that suit your ride, a few of the major brands you have to choose from are Avon, Pirelli, Michelin, Metzeler, Bridgestone, Continental and Dunlop. Make sure you have the correct types for your motorbike. If you don’t you may run into some trouble, some of which can turn out to be rather serious and sometimes dangerous. There are a few considerations one has to bear in mind when looking for tires. Below we will discuss some of them.

When it comes to Dunlop, you should check the pressure of your tires on a regular basis. Check them when they are cold, and usually every fortnight too. Check them for abrasions, cuts, bulges and any other signs of damage regularly.

You also shouldn’t use any liquid preparations when you want to stop deflation. This is likely to be the cause of protruding valves which will lead to tire pressure loss. Dunlop is an excellent name that is trusted by millions all around the world. They are quality tires that will last you a very long time if they are properly looked after.

Michelin have been producing tires since the year 1891, so they definitely know what they are doing. By fitting two of these tires onto your motorcycle you are sure to go further before having to change your wheels again. Make sure your tire pressure is always perfect and you treat the bike with respect. That way it will always take you where you need to go, with no hassles!

If motorbike racing is your passion, Bridgestone is there for all your tire needs. They might be a little on the pricey side, but if you want good tires that is what you should expect. They are made from the finest quality materials and are perfect for your prized motorbike.

When it comes to the Metzeler tire range there are many different options for you to choose from. They are all high quality tires that will see you through a good couple of years, as long as you look after them. There are different types for different motorbikes; you make the choice.

Continental tires for your motorbike are also an excellent option. Although they are expensive they are sure to see you through your hard bike times. All the road trips, short drives and racing with your beauty - your bike needs to be pampered, and there is no better way to do that than to treat her with Continental tires.

When it comes to turnover, Pirelli is the fifth biggest manufacturer of tires in the world. That fact alone should give you an idea of how popular they are, and show you that they are good otherwise people wouldn’t keep going back. These are generally cheaper than some of the other brands, but then again that would depend on where you buy it from. The same goes for Avon tires; these keep you in control of your motorcycle at all times, no matter the weather conditions.

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