Saturday, August 28, 2010

Why Fully Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance Is Best

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By Christopher Reinhold

As the name would suggest, fully comprehensive motorcycle insurance provides the policy holder with the greatest amount of cover motorcycle insurance can offer. From involvement in an accident to theft of the motorcycle from a place of work, a fully comprehensive insurance policy offers the greatest peace of mind for any motorcyclist.

The main benefit this motorcycle insurance type has over other levels of cover is that it protects the policy holder in the event of an accident and not just for any claims made against them from a Third Party.

Therefore if an accident occurs and both parties are injured, the insurance company will not only pay out for any Third Party claims, but also for any claim made by the policy holder themselves.

Furthermore, the claims made by the policy holder can be expansive, including everything from repairs to their motorcycle, or if the motorcycle is a write off, it full market value price, to personal injury. This alone is one of the primary reasons why a fully comprehensive policy is better than other policies, as whilst a great deal of people choose third party, fire and theft motorcycle insurance over fully comprehensive, it does not cover for any claims made by and for the policy holder.

This means that should they be involved in an accident and need to claim for repairs or personal injury, they cannot do so and may be left with a large bill for repairs to their motorcycle.

A further benefit of fully comprehensive motorcycle insurance is simply the amount of extras or bonuses that are regularly offered with the policy. For example, a large amount of companies offer European breakdown cover with all of their fully comprehensive insurance policies. Purchased separately and this can cost a substantial amount.

However, choose an appropriate policy and the policy holder could be riding around Europe, fully insured in the event of an accident and fully covered should they break down or come into difficulties with their motorcycle.

One of the other additions that is often added to completely comprehensive policies is accessories cover. Only a small amount of people purchase this type of insurance separately, as most simply do not know it exists. Accessories cover provides the policy holder with complete protection should any damage be caused to their helmet, leathers or gloves.

Monies will be paid out if the items are repairable upon production of receipts, or if they are irreparable, a set amount of money will be allocated for the purchase of new accessories. In most cases, irreparable damage also constitutes theft, assuming the full and proper measures have been put in place to reduce the risk of theft taking place.

Although there are two other levels of motorcycle insurance available, fully comprehensive is without doubt the most beneficial to the owner. Furthermore, whilst it may generally be the more expensive, if the policy holder has to claim on their insurance for repairs to their motorcycle, the additional amount for the policy will be worth it when compared to the price of the repairs.

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